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Isabelle HAÏK


1980 Master’s Degree in Linguistics. Université de Vincennes. Supervisor : Richard Kayne.

1985 : Ph D in Linguistics. MIT. Supervisor : Noam Chomsky. Title of thesis : The syntax of Operators.

1986-1992 : Research Associate, Groupe de recherche en linguistique africaniste, Université du Québec à Montréal. Directed by Jonathan Kaye and Jean Lowenstamm.

1992-2017 : Professor, Université de Caen, Département d’Anglais. 14000 Caen.

Research program : the interface between syntax and semantics. If the form of words and sentences is constrained by semantic principles, and if semantic principles are reflexes of our cognitive capacites, either pertaining to mental calculus, or to the forms of mental representations, then linguistic rules and principles follow from the human general cognitive apparatus, provided that we show that the questions asked by the language learner to form their grammar may be stated with notions used in other cognitive domains.

List of publications :

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1991. "Predicate Clauses" Rapport de Recherche du Groupe de Recherche en syntaxe, dir. M.-T. Vinet, présenté au Conseil pour la Recherche en Sciences Humaines (Canada), Université de Sherbrooke.

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1998. ‘Syntax and Semantics of the Prefix mis-’ Actes de l’atelier de linguistique, congrès de la SAES, J-C. Souesme (réd.), Centre de recherche sur les Ecritures de langue anglaise,Cycnos, vol.15, n° spécial.

2005. Marrant et les adjectifs comme ça,’ Lingvisticae Investigationes, XXVIII-2.

Study of adjectives like marrant, slang words with exceptional properties. And study of object pro in French, which is not an empty category, contra all existing theories, but the absence of projection of an argument. Object-pro sentences like la musique, ça attriste are fully similar to lexical items like attristant, which take no complements in the syntax.

2005. [‘Les métonymies verbales’]-conference delivered at the conference on figures de style, Université de Paris III. Published in l’information grammaticale, 139, october 2013., p.44-50, Paris. Les métonymies verbales

Study of expressions naming signs of signs, like donner le feu vert, or give a thumbs up.

2009. Kissing goodbye Draft, pre-published version. To be cited as : Isabelle Haïk (2011). "Kissing goodbye". CORELA - Numéro 2 | Volume 9 (2011). URL : ?id=2314

Study of the syntax and semantics of this resultative construction, which is produced by the formation of a complex predicate.

2009. 1987. ATB-Variables  : 1. Parasitic gaps are across-the-board variables formed in the course of the derivation (after S-Structure). 2. Pronouns of laziness (cf. sloppy identity) are across-the-board variables : original analysis, showing that these two variable-like elements are products of the special configuration permitted by coordinate structures.

2012. The hell in English grammar Study of construction A, get the hell out of here, and construction B, it scared the hell out of me. Published in Relations, connexions, dépendances : hommage au professeur Claude Guimier. Nicole Le Querler, Franck Neveu, Emmanuelle Roussel (eds.) Presses Universitaires de Rennes.

2013. Symmetric Structures Published in CORELA 11.1, Université de Poitiers. Dowload from the list at the bottom of the page. The data confirm that the ban on multiple branching in syntax or the lexicon is a reflex of the binary property of mental calculus, which is exceptionally lifted in cases of symmetry, a favored property of the mind in interpretation or action.

2017. Phy inside psych Analysis of causative psychological constructions like marrant, jaw-dropping, fucking, and the desiderative construction of Finnish, Slovenian, etc., which construe a physical effect as the direct result of a psych cause.

2017. A that-trace effect on ellipsis In French, extraction from an extraposed subject ellipsis is banned if the extracted element crosses over that ’que’ and not otherwise : a that-trace effect.

Fiction work Ma non troppo Livre de 285 pages, décrit ici : Prix du livre : 10 euros (ou 10 dollars), envoi inclus. Me contacter.

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